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State Board Of Pharmacy
Mary K. Walker, Executive Director
1712 Carey Avenue, Ste 200
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Phone: (307) 634-9636
Fax: (307) 634-6335
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
The Board established a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in July, 2004, as authorized in W.S. 35-7-1060. The Board collects Schedule II-IV controlled substance prescription information from all resident and non-resident retail pharmacies that dispense to residents of Wyoming.

Links to the statute and rules & regulations:
Statute: W.S. 35-7-1060
Board Rules: Chapter 8, Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Board Contact: David N. Wills, Records and Data Management Specialist, is responsible for managing the data, generating statistics, and generating patient profiles requested by practitioners and pharmacists.

Contact Information:
David N. Wills
Records and Data Management Specialist
Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy
1712 Carey Avenue, Suite 200
Cheyenne, WY 82002
307.634.9636 (telephone)
307.634.9184 (facsimile)


Mary K. Walker, R.Ph.
Executive Director
address as above
307.634.9636 (telephone)

Patient Profiles: Practitioners and pharmacists may obtain copies of patient profiles for any patient for whom they are providing care or services. Requests for profiles must be submitted to the Board Office by facsimile or mail on a request form provided by the Board. All requests are sent to the attention of David N. Wills. This service is offered during normal business hours, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. This service is not available after hours, weekends, or holidays. Upon receipt of a faxed or written request, a patient profile will be generated and faxed to the pharmacist or practitioner or, if requested, mailed. Patient profile requests received after 4:00 pm are subject to processing the next business day.

All practitioners and pharmacists must manually sign the request form. Signature stamps will not be accepted.

To obtain a profile request form, click on the appropriate field:
PROFILE REQUEST (Law Enforcement)

To obtain online access to the PDMP profiles, follow this link:
Online PDMP access

New Pharmacies: Pharmacies newly licensed in Wyoming will receive an information packet from Atlantic Associates. The Board uses Atlantic Associates to collect prescription information from both resident and non-resident pharmacies. The pharmacy is responsible for working with its software vendor and updating its software to allow transmission of required information to Atlantic Associates on a monthly basis, no later than the tenth (10th) of the month following the month being reported. Timely reporting by pharmacies is critical for the success of this program. Atlantic Associates now has a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site available for those pharmacies having problems transmitting data. For more information, please contact Atlantic Associates. Reporting on a monthly basis is mandated by law. Questions regarding software should be addressed to Atlantic Associates. Questions regarding how the data is used, profiles, etc., should be addressed to David N. Wills at the Board Office.
Contact information: Atlantic Associates
8030 South Willow Street
Manchester, NH 03103
contact: Sonia Cormier
888.492.7341 (telephone)
877.508.6704 (facsimile)

Statistics: Click on "current statistics" to view statistic updates.